Chewy and the Hairy Back

So we just watched the latest Star Wars with my oldest son, and we had a chance to remind ourselves of how great this series really is.  From Luke, to Princess Lei, my husband and I grew up on Star Wars, and it’s so nice to be able to share it with my son.  Eventually we will bring the other kids into the Star Wars world as they get a little older.

It did get to be a little uncomfortable for my husband as he’s quite embarrassed about his body hair, especially his back hair, and while he doesn’t quite have the chewy look, it can get quite hairy back there.  So of course kids being kids, my son sees Chewy for the first time and jokingly looks at his dad and says “Dad, you’re in the movie!”  My husband looked demoralized, but to his credit he rebounded pretty quickly.

Luckily for him I got him a Razorba razor for his back for his birthday, which he was excited about.  He’s always loved being in the pool with the kids, but now that they are older we have started having families over at our pool, so my husband wasn’t always comfortable with how he looked, that and the awkward kid questions.  We found good reviews on, on this and the electric razors, but I felt in the long run having a non mechanical shaver was the best bet, that and he could use the same razors he’s been using made the most economical sense.

imgresLuckily for me I don’t have the same problem 🙂 but I understand what it’s like to not want hair, hair on my legs grosses me out, same with armpit hair.  Man hair isn’t so bad, but it’s much nicer to give a hug to a smooth back man than a hairy sweaty back.  And I want him to be comfortable too, and not feel like a gorilla around the kids.

So getting back to Star Wars, I was blown away by the Force Awakens, much much better than the last three that came out.  I’m really excited for the next two if they continue to make it like this one.  I think we will have a few outdoor star wars movies this summer in our backyard.  We bought a projector last year for this purpose but never got around to using it, so this summer I’ll find a nice white sheet and hang it out, bring out the projector and some popcorn, and lots of mosquito spray and candles, and see how it goes.  Likely I’ll need to put the younger two down, but the oldest can stay up, and he will have a blast as he loves movies.  And who wouldn’t like a movie outside under the stars?  I can’t wait for the warmer weather, sipping nice wine, and maybe having a nice grilled dinner.  Sounds delicious.


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