Makes me Laugh


This video made me laugh and remember when my kids were this young.  Man how they can copy us adults.  I remember a teacher telling me they learned so much about their kids parents by the way the kids acted at school.  I can understand how after seeing how these kids behaved.  Luckily, as far as I know, my kids are well behaved at school and don’t display too much attitude toward the teachers, but I know at home is a totally different story.

My daughter is a real princess, or so she thinks, so much that she requires at least 3 dress changes each day, and her pajamas need to match or she will throw a real big fit.  That being said once she’s in her outfit she has a smile that will melt anyone’s heart, but the look on her face when you tell her she can’t change again into a new dress, even though she claims the one she is wearing got dirty in the last 30 minutes, is hysterical.  It’s almost like the baby on the first screen of the video above.  I can’t wait to show it to her when she’s older.

A lot of books will say that it’s best to raise an adult than to raise a child, meaning we don’t want our kids to be followers, to be passive, we want them to be strong and stand up for themselves when they are adults.   So the one school of thought is to punish their “bad” behavior and teach them to be kids, well, think about if the behavior you want know will benefit them when they are older?  My kids have developed a independent spirit, a bull headed stubbornness, and a penchant for questioning.  All 3 of those I would welcome as an adult, or even a teenager.  I don’t want my kids to succumb to peer pressure, I want them to stick up for themselves and their friends/family, I want them to make good decisions for themselves and not based on what others are doing, and I want them to learn, and to do so you need to question.  The great discoveries of the world were not made by following the crowd, no, they were made by questioning current assumptions and essentially breaking the rules.  Obviously some got into serious trouble, Galileo anyone?  But he was right, and he advanced science further than anyone.

So based on this I encourage my kids behaviors that I think will benefit them as they grow as long as they remain respectful and communicate.  I don’t accept screaming, whining, hitting, yelling, as those aren’t good adult behaviors either.  So if they don’t want to go and do something, I encourage them to talk through the why’s with me, and I also try never to say “because” and leave it at that, instead I do give solid reasoning, even if it takes longer and I’m tired.  I try to show how to reason and communicate so they have a solid base to grow from.

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