Opening Line

My kids have always had attitude, and not always in a bad way, but more in a “trying to find themselves” attitude, of which I completely understand.  I mean I would not like someone always telling me what do to, to clean up, to eat nicely, to stop hitting your sister with the baseball bat.  As much as these occurrences drive be absolutely batty (ha, no pun intended) I know the ones I remember will likely be hilarious and brought up at future weddings, or improper occasions when I’m old and had a few cocktails.  I wanted to start this blog to talk about these moments, as well as to collect them to hopefully use as starter stories for future books or articles.

So what defines an attitude?  Well my oldest this morning, and he’s 5, woke up happy, but decided to be a grumpy pus 10 minutes later and refused to eat breakfast.  Being the smart 5 year old he could totally see how it would only hurt me and not impact him at all. He kind of had this face.



I politely reminded him that if he didn’t eat now, he would be starving later.  So I finally got him to sit down for him to literally eat one piece of cereal, to which he pushed the bowl across the table.  I packed some cheerios which he devoured as soon as he got into early care.  What a bugger.

My youngest, who is only 2, has decided that he doesn’t like me anymore, in fact any time I try to wake him up to change him for school, or even put him down at night, he tells me “NO!” for some reason.  He’s just copying his siblings, but man, he’s good.

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